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Double Glazed Bi – Fold Doors

Pvc Windows Australia’s double glazed bi-fold doors open completely by folding flat against the wall when they are fully open which allows you to have a wider space open. These doors also allows you to access the outdoors easily. Flyscreens are also possible with this type of door.

Benefits of bi- fold doors.

  • Illusion of extra space and ingress of natural light
  • Opening room up to outside
  • Impressive functionality and security
  • Slim and good looking
  • Energy efficient and eco friendly
  • Large range of colours
  • Add value to a property
bild1_pvcwindowsCLOSED POSITION
bild2_pvcwindowsOPEN POSITION 1


bild3_pvcwindowsOPEN POSITION 2
bild4_pvcwindowsOPEN POSITION 3